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Corset with cups

If you are looking for an overbust corset, you are on the right site! Along with underbust corsets, we offer overbust corsets as well. If you are interested in the second, you can choose between conventional overbust corsets and overbust corsets with cups. In this article, we will tell you more about corsets that we create with cups.

La Musa corset with cups

The overbust corset with cups is an independent article of clothing. It has, as the name implies, fully elaborated cups that cover the entire bust. The overbust corset has an extensive supporting function and gives you a majestic bearing. It accentuates a waist, shapes the swing of hips and endows your entire upper body with a perfect line. In particular, your breasts will be given a lift.
For those ladies who have a particularly large bust, a cupped overbust may take considerable pressure off the neck, shoulders, and upper back by proper support. To get such results, it is very important to choose the right size. Before ordering a corset, La Musa advises you to measure the circumference of your chest, hips, and waist. To make it as accurate as possible, you can ask somebody to help you.
Also, never opt for corsets of smaller sizes. Remember that our corsets are made to highlight your beauty without causing discomfort in moving or breathing.
Corsets from La Musa will add to your outfit hints of gracefulness and femininity. Besides, you can take your attractiveness to the next level. If you are ready to discover the world of La Musa corsetry and everything that it can bring, we will gladly accept your order.

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