Mermaid Body

390.00 330.00


Since the bigger part of our planet is covered with water, it is no wonder that for ages, people believed that oceans gave shelter to mythical creatures, such as sea serpents and mermaids. These are the legends that captivated man's imagination. Mermaids can be a myth, yet they are with us in different shapes; their images can be found everywhere in books and films. They are portrayed as charmingly beautiful women with sumptuous loose hair. A mermaid is becoming a symbol of an unforgettable woman that masterly charms men. It was these magical creatures that became the inspiration for this body.

The Mermaid Body is a bodysuit in a delicate lavender shade with a V-shaped neckline that is tied with a silk bow at the neck. Also in this bodysuit is an open back with a slight drop with a regulator at the waist. The edging is made in emerald colour to emphasize the round shapes of female body with lines that contrast with the main colour of the item.

We would be glad to assist you with choosing the right size and even use your individual measurements so that the product fits you perfectly, at no additional cost.



  • Contains: Body
  • Material: Satin
  • Gusset: 100% Cotton
  • Hardware: Stainless Hypoallergenic Steel
  • Colour: Lavender


  • Collection: Erato
  • Line: Iconic