Porcelain Doll Dress

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Porcelain Doll Dress is a corset sheath dress with a unique design features. The main idea that length of the dress according to the maximum length of gloves, which creates an unusual, yet very feminine silhouette.

As corsets came back into fashion in 2020 and became trending for many seasons to come, LA MUSA became the first brand that create a corset type dress. This dress can be adjusted along its entire length. Sophisticated gloves are tied up in a bow with a silk ribbon. In this item, we combine the feminine corset silhouettes worn in 15th century England with the style of the 50s: short strapless dresses and dresses with high gloves for a completely new combination full of charmness.

This dress has a unique print that was specially designed for the collection, one of the most trending prints of 2021/22. The print was inspired by the motives of the Chinese porcelain tea set, which gained popularity in the English kingdom, and then around the world. These porcelain paintings depicted different stories told in one colour. Symbols used in this print emphasize the individuality of LA MUSA, as it has the main elements that define our brand's concept.

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  • Contains: Dress, Gloves
  • Material: Satin
  • Lining: Satin
  • Length: Mini
  • Hardware: Recycled Polyester, Stainless Hypoallergenic Steel
  • Colour: Dark Blue, White


  • Collection: Porcelain Muse
  • Line: Art Line