Porcelain Loungewear Set

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Porcelain Loungewear is a concept set inspired by china sets that became popular in the United Kingdom and later in the whole world. Their design featured different stories told with single colour. Such motifs remind us about grandma's tea sets from the childhood.

LA MUSA created its own story about women and inspiration that was conveyed through symbols in porcelain print. White porcelain is represented by special shade of white satin used as the main material.

This set consists of pants and a long-sleeved regular fit shirt adorned with pearl buttons. The shirt can be tied up with a belt on the waistline to create a feminine silhouette. The trimming is made with blue colour, which most often painted porcelain sets. Woman that puts this set on turns into a piece of art, fragile as porcelain.

Wear the Porcelain Loungewear Set and inspire yourself and your surrounding. Discover your inner art. Be the Muse with LA MUSA.

We would be glad to assist you with choosing the right size and even use your individual measurements so that the product fits you perfectly, at no additional cost.



  • Contains: Shirt, Pants
  • Material: Satin
  • Length: Long
  • Colour: Blue
  • Print: Porcelain


  • Collection: Porcelain Muse
  • Line: Art Line