Sky Bird Loungewear Set



Sky Bird Loungewear is a pyjama set inspired by birds soaring in the sky, their freedom and grace. It has a special print with a crane reaching to the sky that symbolises longing for something, wisdom and freedom. Delicate light blue satin represents the clear sky.

This satin set consists of pants and a long-sleeved shirt adorned with pearl buttons. Regular fit shirt can be tied up with a belt on the waistline to create a feminine silhouette. The trimming is made with iconic LA MUSA soft peach colour. Minimalist design gives freedom of motion and a wonderful feeling of delicate French satin on the skin.

Choosing high-quality loungewear, you get an excellent combination of absolute comfort and elegance in one magnificent piece. LA MUSA has created this set to fill your dreams with comfort and make your domestic cares pleasureful.

We would be glad to assist you with choosing the right size and even use your individual measurements so that the product fits you perfectly, at no additional cost.



  • Contains: Shirt, Pants
  • Material: Satin
  • Length: Long
  • Hardware: Pearl Buttons
  • Colour: Sky Blue
  • Print: Cranes


  • Collection: Fairyland
  • Line: Iconic