Sustainable Swimwear for Women

Every one of us can become a little bit sustainable. Maybe you‘ve already chosen a side of environmentally friendly products. Nowadays, brands are becoming more conscious and aware. As a result, they make clothes of eco-friendly and recycled fibers. We are happy to present such options in our collection. La Musa is a brand that puts the environment first. Now you have an opportunity to shop responsibly.

Sustainable swimwear

If you still hesitate in the importance of buying sustainable swimwear, here are some reasons. Most swimwear manufacturers fall into the fast fashion category who use synthetic fibers. Such kinds of fibers are made from petrochemicals and leave a huge carbon footprint. Fast fashion brands are prone to mass production of cheap, hazardous chemical-filled swimwear in places where workers are often exploited.
So, we choose the other way. Our swimwear is made of low-impact materials by people in safe conditions. It’s often crafted from recycled fibers, employing circular or zero waste processes.

From your muse with love

Vacation, holidays, summertime…our swimwear suits any occasion. We offer a wide range of silhouettes and colors. You can choose a one-piece or two-piece bathing suit. There are swimsuits with a V-neck neckline, drop-shaped neckline, open back, non-wired, bandeau tops. There are sets with tanga, brazilian or high-waisted panties as well. Comfortable yet elegant, they will steal your heart. The fact that they do not harm the environment makes them even more beautiful. We also ask you to care about the beauty and well-being of our Mother Earth by choosing sustainable swimwear.