LA MUSA is a brand that has a unique, global idea - to transmit the opportunity to comprehend and be inspired by art in all of its manifestations, from generation to generation, through the concept - to dress woman's body in it. The concept we convey in our products brings a woman closer to art and emphasizes her uniqueness and splendor. A woman dressed in art reveals her own art, becomes a muse.

"Every woman is art. Everything she does makes the world a better place. She inspires people, she shares her energy, she is strong, yet at the same time she is feminine and fragile. That is why so many exquisite works of art admire woman’s beauty and magnificence. This is the reason why she inspires me to create unique design." Founder of LA MUSA

LA MUSA was founded in 2019 by Ksyusha Danicheva, a graduate of Marangoni University in Milan.
We transmit the opportunity to comprehend and be inspired by art in all of its manifestations, from generation to generation, through the concept - to dress woman's body in it. The concept we convey in our products brings a woman closer to art through what she wears every day, beginning from the first garment she puts on her unique body and becomes a muse.

The word "muse" has been used to describe women that encourage artists with their poetical attractiveness throughout centuries up to this day. The image of an inspiring woman has absorbed the cultural and intellectual legacy and transformed into contemporary woman, living in a big city. Nymphs no longer live in heaven and depths of the ocean, they have moved to metropolises and animated them.

LA MUSA is the new aesthetic of modern muse. Each LA MUSA product is created for muses of the 21st century. Every woman strives to inspire the whole world around with her uniqueness, and LA MUSA is here to let it happen.
Our vision: Modern women seek to be inspired and inspire everybody with their uniqueness and magnificence. Each LA MUSA item is designed to emphasize feminine lines and woman's individuality through design inspired by art.

Our mission is building sustainable future. Sustainability is the pillar of our brand and how we imagine our present and future. For us it’s all about making products with love and great care for our planet and people. We are just at the beginning of our sustainability journey. That is why we make our production zero-waste and from organic and recycled materials; moreover, we don't use any materials of animal origin.

We develop products that nurture the soul, nature, communities and fulfill their functions. We have an insatiable desire to explore, be inspired and become better versions of ourselves.
Our logo is associated with the traditional uderstanding of the Muse. In the Ancient Greek mythology she is one of the nine goddesses, each having her own art and craft. Since that time Muses have been a divine source of inspiration for poets. Ancient Greeks believed that the greatest ideas were not the result of thought process, but were rather given by the Muses.

LA MUSA name is global, as it is of Latin origin. It means that "MUSA" has the same meaning in all languages. The "LA" article makes it more definite, emphasizing the brand's concept: "You are the unique Muse!" LA MUSA is all about you! There is a hidden message in the brand's name: “Legend admires mysterious, unique, sensual art.” So our name is also an acronym:

L - Legend
A - Admires
M - Mysterious
U - Unique
S - Sensual
A - Art

The classic style of the logo was chosen to follow the brand's ideology and main concept that admires everything created by man, everything that has endured throughout the ages, that has lived up to this day, everythig that will be carefully transmitted to the future generations.

A peony flower in our logo, carefully drawn with lines of variable weight, is a symbol of love and honour. Its gentle bloom that resembles a rose without thorns has a soft round shape and an unforgettable smell. Sweet, subtle scent reminds of vanilla and morning freshness, the accents we remember when thinking of the Muses.
We chose our main brand colour with great care and love. Indeed, a colour that represents a company communicates with clients on a deeper level.

The main ingredient of our unique colour was the skin of magnificent Muses in The Renaissance paintings. Light tones of the young maids' bodies that haven't yet felt the sunlight... These Muses descended on Earth to inspire it with their pristine beauty. The second ingredient was peach. This fruit, in all world's cultures, from Taoism to European christianity, symbolizes the infinite flow of life, eternal youth and immortality. Peach was also considered to repel evil spirits, so it always retained its virgin grace and purity. In Ancient Egypt peach was the symbol of the god of rising sun. The Sun. At dawn it paints the sky in breathtaking colours that give a feeling of freshness and anticipation of events coming. These magnificent shades were the third ingredient of our brand colour, as LA MUSA is a sunrise, a renaissance. We create the New Renaissance for the gorgeous Muses ready to show their elegance and beauty to the world. The fourth ingredient of LA MUSA colour was peony flower. Peony is the embodiment of natural tenderness, one of the main qualities of a Muse.

Having combined these four attributes, we got a pleasant colour that evokes the most wonderful feelings. Kindness, love and serenity. Inspiration, desire to create and encourage. We use this colour in our products and packaging to present these beautiful emotions and feelings to our clients, the modern Muses.



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