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Corset for large bust

Some of us just have bigger busts than others. You may consider it a blessing or a curse — it depends on so many factors. However, for ladies with big busts, searching for a corset can be not an easy task. La Musa is trying to figure this out. That is why we created the corsets that will fit women with various cup sizes. So, regardless of your bust size, you can find a beautiful corset to highlight your figure.

Corsets for large busts from La Musa

So which one to choose? Underbust or overbust?
The underbust corset does not cover the breasts. It will give you a stunning silhouette and help with posture. Choosing this option also means that you can easily wear your corset over clothes as a fashionable accessory. Underbust corsets will become an accent for dresses, blouses, and even t-shirts, depending on the ensemble, whereas overbust corsets tend to look more like traditional undergarments.
However, if you are looking for extra support, opt for an overbust corset. It will provide not only back support but breast support as well.
Also, it is very important to choose the right size. If the corset is small, it will cause discomfort when you move and even breathe. Fortunately, the times when women suffered from too tight corsets are gone. Nowadays, ladies who wear corsets can look natural and enhance their curves without causing any problems with health. To be sure that you chose the right size, we advise you to measure the circumference of your chest, hips, and waist. And then check the size according to the size chart.

La Musa corsets will make you look even more feminine and graceful. Your large bust will become your big advantage.

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