collection background

This collection conveys aesthetics of a Muse living in a spacious and luxurious castle. It hosts balls daily and all the outfits radiate with elegance and sophistication.

Castle collection items are made of high-quality materials that recreate evening mood that lets a woman shine in her dress. Elegant design inspired by Baroque architecture motifs, outfits and art gives an extraordinary chic feeling to every product.

Every dress of the collection has a story. For instance, the first Castle dress, Black Ink Dress, is an embodiment of the art of calligraphy. In the Baroque period the most intimate feeling were shared on a paper with a pen. This sacred moment inspired us to show and tell about the beauty of calligraphy through our products.

Castle collection gives every woman an opportunity to feel like an owner of that castle where she is the Muse not only for herself, but for all the people that see her in LA MUSA dress.


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