Solo Lace Bodysuit

Solo Lace Bodysuit

Primavera Balconette

Primavera Balconette

Flirt Bodysuit

Flirt Bodysuit

Eros Lingerie Set

Eros Lingerie Set

Valentine Lingerie Set

Valentine Lingerie Set

swan lingerie set

Swan Lingerie Set


Limited edition

White silk erotic lingerie set / sexy lingerie with blue print / lingerie with non wired triangle bra / blue cupless bra with thong panties

Porcelain Lingerie Set

Venus erotic lingerie set / renaissance print lingerie / historical underwear with removable feathers / art cupless triangle bra and panties

Venus Lingerie Set

Primavera printed lingerie set / clear panties with underwired bra / historic renaissance underwear / transparent erotic lingerie set

Primavera Lingerie Set

Silk erotic lingerie set / modern art lingerie with non wired bra / historical cupless triangle bra with panties with print by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt Lingerie Set

Clear silk lingerie with garter belt / transparent lingerie / erotic lingerie set / harness bra and panties / pure underwear with pattern

Heaven Lingerie Set

Pink and black erotic lingerie set / sexy tattoo print lingerie / non wired triangle bra with thong panties / art cupless bra with shorts

Art Tattoo Lingerie Set


Women's Designer Lingerie

A woman’s beauty is unrivaled ― nothing can compare to it. For many years lingerie has long been an essential attribute of women’s clothing. Apart from the simple necessity of supporting her physique, this fashion serving luxurious undergarment reflects her beauty-loving feminine personality. The term “lingerie” usually applies to female undergarments and implies practical and aesthetical use. Lingerie is a vast category that includes bras, panties, stockings, garters, peignoirs, nightgowns, and everything you may need.

Evolution of designer lingerie through the years

In the twenty-first century, factories and fashion houses began to extend their production and marketing of women’s lingerie. New technologies and textiles have empowered the underwear industry, which now offers innovative elements such as laser-cut transparent bras, lace-cut, decorative, and colorful fabrics. Nowadays, choosing charming briefs and bras has become even simpler ― thousands of online stores allow us to buy whatever we want.

Nowadays, the market offers a variety of luxury women’s underwear created by designers that include simplicity, chic, elegance thanks to the handmade effort. Lingerie creation has become a real art. It is a revival in the industry, with a greater emphasis on the female body. Every woman can select lingerie according to her needs and preferences, and LA MUSA will help you choose the most suitable set.

Premium underwear that inspires

Years ago, the idea of “muse” belonged to artists to describe women that inspired them with their beauty and sweetness and helped them generate masterpieces. Lingerie brand LA MUSA displays the modern concept of muse through luxurious lingerie pieces that give ladies a sense of freedom and power. Exclusive sets designed by talented European designers of LA MUSA transform a woman into a nymph. Weightless fabrics, smooth textures, and soft colors mix into elegant lingerie sets that caress the skin and make you feel like a diva.

A woman dressed in LA MUSA lingerie feels beautiful in every step she takes since designer sets emphasize the benefits of a woman’s body. She embodies the understanding of a geisha, the delightful rituals of a princess, and the sensuality of a femme fatale. She is a modern muse who feels feminine but powerful in everyday life. Women that choose elegant underwear thoroughly generated by LA MUSA designers are always ready to conquer the world with their tenderness, charm, and beauty. Explore the world of femininity by browsing our online catalog, lose yourself among transparent corsets, porcelain loungewear sets, fairy dresses, and silky lingerie.

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