collection background

ERATO is the first LA MUSA collection. It was inspired by gorgeous goddesses and Muses. Sirens, mermaids, nymphs, Greek Muses — they are the embodiment of all things. Each has a special power, patronizes and protects. They are symbols of woman’s value and potential.

The collection was named after the goddess of love and poetry, Erato, one of the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. She teaches us the most important thing there is — to love ourselves and the whole world.

ERATO collection consists only of lingerie sets because this is the first thing that touches woman’s body. LA MUSA believes that lingerie is something sacred and intimate for every Muse and her feeling and understanding depends on the lingerie she wears.

To be a Muse is to think. The items of this collection are a reflection on nature and man, eternal and the present moment. They give an opportunity to touch all the beautiful things created by nature and man, things that were passed down to us through the centuries. That is why LA MUSA is inspired by both the Renaissance and the present moment.


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