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Pistachio and Lemons

Pistacchio & Lemons is a collection about our wonderful dreams and how they come true. In dreams we can see the most beautiful things, it is there that we are able to create a world where bubbles fly all over appearing out of thin air.

This collection is a lovely summer dream where the Muses in transparent clothes enjoy the morning dew on a dandelion field under delicate rays of the rising sun. We recreated the lightest and airiest feelings of this dream with the colour and texture of products.

The collection was named Pistacchio & Lemons to show that the most unusual combination give the brightest emotions. The word Pistacchio means delicacy and sweet taste of pistachio cream that contrasts with juicy and sour lemon. Such bold combinations give us the real taste of life. That is why our mission is not only to imagine them in dreams, but also bring to reality.


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