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Provance Shorts


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Nymphea Corset

Nymphea Corset


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Designer Evening Gowns

Probably, each woman or a girl at least once in her life needed evening wear. The gown for a special occasion, where every detail is carefully thought out. It is not an easy task to find and pick up the right one. However, the designer of LA MUSA took care of this. So, here is our evening wear. Exquisite and luxurious, it is waiting for your significant day. Meet our sets, dresses, pants, bodies, and jumpsuits.

Designer evening gowns

Each outfit is magnificent. Perl Shine, Caramel Sunset, Seashell, Midnight Sky, Watercolored Flower…yes, you are right this is about evening gowns. The names speak for themselves. Just take a look. Textures, colors, silhouettes are a total inspiration. You can choose tight, hourglass, free shape, or wrap dresses with open back or V-neckline. A fitted dress or a loose one both look outstanding. Moreover, dresses with free shape look perfectly with our corsets. At the same time, wrap dresses fit all body types. It’s a truly win-win option. Gowns with an open neck, shoulders, and back are especially feminine and attractive. Also, we offer our high-end dresses in different lengths. Mini, midi, or maxi ― the choice is yours. Formal dresses are made of gentle and expensive materials, so you just want to put on them as soon as possible. It’s about satin, silk, cotton, chiffon, organza, lurex, and velvet. Some dresses are decorated with removable feather straps, collars, and bows, making them even more elegant. The variety of colors is fascinating. The collection is prevailed by gentle pastel colors, but there are also deep and intense ones. We certainly haven’t forgotten about trendy prints.

Our evening wear is created with love and care. Each silhouette is designed to make you glow even brighter and take people’s breath away. Listen to your heart, choose the best option and we will gladly accept your online order. You will get the dress of your dreams.

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