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Cupid Corset

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Corset with straps

Women wore corsets for almost 400 years. They were essentials of women’s wardrobes from the late Renaissance till the 20th century. The variety of existing silhouettes is impressive. There are underbust and overbust corsets, they can be under-wired and non-wired, some of them have straps or suspender clips, etc. Below, you will discover La Musa corsets with straps.

Corsets with straps from La Musa

As we mentioned, there are so many corsets that it is easy to get lost in all these designs. We recommend considering our corset with shoulder straps if you are looking for extra support. Especially, it refers to overbust corsets that provide a great bearing itself. Pay special attention to this kind of corset if you are an owner of the large bust.
Moreover, we use luxurious and durable fabrics that guarantee high-quality items at the end. Also, La Musa is an eco-friendly brand. So, by choosing us, you support a responsible production of clothes. In addition, we create our corsets in a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes. Last but not least, we can make a corset according to your own parameters.
Our corset with straps can become a part of your daily outfits, and the bright detail on special occasions. It can make you look feminine, graceful, powerful, confident, seductive…it depends on the design. Whichever you choose, it will enhance your curves and your figure will look more hourglass. But remember that corset is supposed to remove 2-7 cm (2-3 inch.), so we recommend don’t resort to smaller sizes or tight lacing.
We are sure that the La Musa corset will satisfy your needs.

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