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Nymphea Corset


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The Dove Corset

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Cream Seashell Corset


Gold and white corset

A gold and white corset is a beautiful piece of clothing, which personifies playfulness, sensuality, and sexuality. This form-fitting garment cinches the waist and supports the bust, often creating an hourglass figure. LA MUSA uses only high-quality fabrics (French satin, net, and recycled plastic) so that you can wear this piece of art for several years and enjoy wonderful tactile sensations every time.

Luxurious gold and white corsets by LA MUSA are a timeless piece

The gold and white color combination is classic and elegant, perfect for formal occasions or special events. The corsets come in various shapes and fixating types. If you go for a fixating lacing in the front, you will achieve a flawless hourglass shape. If your main goal is to create a feminine silhouette, then a delicate corset with a natural push-up effect is a win-win option.

What makes the corsets of the brand unique is first-class hand embroidery that features various decorative elements, adding to their beauty and sophistication. 

Pair exclusive corsets adorned with embroidered dandelions on a soft yellow background with tea dresses. Combine a satin corset with a transparent net and floral embroidery with a skirt, or pants, or wear it alone as a statement piece for special events. Therefore, the gold and white corset is a timeless and elegant piece of clothing that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, providing support and shaping to the body. Whether worn as a standalone piece or paired with other garments, a beautiful corset will make a statement and turn heads.


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