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Cupid Corset

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Heart Corset

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Sunlight Corset


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White corset

White is classic, simple yet versatile. It projects a sense of purity, cleanliness, and new beginnings. We find it quite inspiring and feminine.
Designing La Musa clothes and lingerie, we couldn’t imagine the collections without shades of white. Below, we will take a closer look at the La Musa corsets in this color.

White corset from La Musa

The color of milk, pearls, coconut, lilies…inspired the designer of La Musa to create one of the most feminine and elegant corsets. La Musa seems to overwhelmingly prefer a blank palette.
In our online catalog, you will find white corsets in various silhouettes. Also, there are not only all-white corsets but also corsets which are a combination of white with other colors and prints. You can find basic and minimalistic corsets as well as more sophisticated ones. Both of them are comfortable and made of high-quality materials.
If you are wondering whether the corset causes any health problems, we are glad to inform you that the way to wear modern corsets has completely changed throughout history. Fortunately, the modern fashion world tends to follow natural women’s beauty. However, sometimes it all comes up to a certain person and her way of wearing the corset. You should know when to draw the line. A corset is supposed to remove 2-7 cm (2-3 inch.), otherwise, it will cause discomfort in moving, breathing, etc.
We highly recommend choosing the corset according to your size and don’t lace it too tight. Proper wearing of a corset won’t cause any health problems. On the contrary, some corsets can provide great support for your back and bust. Moreover, they will enhance your curves naturally and attractively.

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