Solo Lace Bodysuit

Solo Lace Bodysuit

Eros Lingerie Set

Eros Lingerie Set

Valentine Lingerie Set

Valentine Lingerie Set

Solo body / black net bodysuit / sexy women's body / sheer black sleeveless bodysuit / clear transparemt body / erotic lingerie

Solo Body


Designer Basques Lingerie

What is the difference between a basque and a corset? Here we outline the key features below and explain the differences between them, so you can choose your lingerie with confidence.
Modern basque underwear is characterized by a close, contoured fit, in the style of a corset. It cinches the waistline and extends over the hips in a flattering sweep. Basque doesn’t have a solid boning to support the shape of the body. Also, there are suspender straps for holding stockings in place, which are sometimes removable.
At the same time, a corset is a structured garment, often with a steel boning that can be tightened to manipulate the shape of the waist. Corsets can be worn as supportive undergarments or as fashion accessories. This is the only garment that can profoundly change the shape of the body and can do so permanently if you are corset training.

When is basque lingerie a better option?

Choose the basque if you do not prefer a very tight fastening. The bones that provide the shape in a basque are also less rigid. In addition, wearing basque, you get less tension in the garment. Thanks to basque, you can emphasize your natural shapes in a more gentle way. Moreover, there are suspender straps that are extremely appealing and alluring.
In La Musa basque lingerie, you will enhance your curves without discomfort. It is created to boost your confidence and show your femininity. Besides that, it is a great underwear item to diversify your lingerie wardrobe.
Note that there is an opportunity to create a basque according to your own parameters! To get additional information about our basque lingerie, feel free to contact us.

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