Aurora lingerie set / sexy pink lingerie with blue garter belt / erotic underwear with high waist belt / pure lingerie with panties

Aurora Lingerie Set


Blue Designer Lingerie for Women

Most of us see colors in everything around us, every moment of the day — but have you ever thought about the impact each of those colors is having on you? Here we would like to discuss the color of immense oceans, boundless sky, precious sapphires, majestic glaciers, tiny forget-me-nots… It is blue. Calming, serene, and spiritual, blue is also associated with freedom and imagination.

Blue lingerie — inspo for our ladies

If you have decided to widen your lingerie collection and can’t find something that impresses and inspires you, here are some interesting offers.
Unusual and intriguing — the perfect words to describe our lingerie in blue color. The woman in blue underwear from La Musa is a complete mystery. She is like a mermaid who can cast a spell.
Alongside the color, an important role plays a silhouette, material, decorations, seams… All the details matter. That is why we offer only high-quality hand-made bras and panties. We can even sew them using your parameters. Such a unique lingerie set will fit you perfectly. Moreover, we use ecological and recycling materials. Our production is zero-waste, so all the things that inspired us to create these beautiful pieces of clothes did not suffer any damage.
If you have any questions regarding the lingerie, we will be happy to help you.

Add some new paints to your wardrobe, and you will see how your life became more colorful.

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