Nude Silk Lingerie

Though for several years, sustainable and ethical apparel labels have been taking the fashion world by storm, underwear and eco-friendly lingerie lines remained few and far between. Not anymore! Fortunately, designers are recognizing the importance of creating comfortable, beautiful underwear that is good for wearers, makers, and the environment alike. We can proudly say that La Musa is one of the brands that take care of the environment too.

Silk underwear — choose natural fibers

Lingerie made of natural fibers is considered the best for our health. The main advantage from this point of view is temperature regulation. Natural fibers are much more effective temperature regulators.
One of the best natural fibers is silk. It keeps you cool or warm as needed. With this particular piece of clothing, natural silk is most likely keeping you cooler. As a result, you get all day comfort and breathability. It is also hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. Moreover, silk lingerie is extremely lightweight and invisible under clothes.

Nude silk lingerie — synonym for femininity

Considered as queen of all fibers, silk is very soft and pleasant to touch. Its noble shine makes it look truly luxurious. If you are looking for romantic and practical outfits pay attention to nude lingerie. The nude color represents elegance and modesty. Additionally, nude shading is straightforward, real, and authentic. Moreover, it is arousing, delicate, and warm, overwhelming one of a sentiment of smoothness and comfort.
It is time to order eco-friendly, comfortable, good for health, and elegant lingerie. We believe that you share our philosophy and make the choice in favor of our environment and your beauty.

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