Designer Wedding & Bridal Lingerie

Probably you are a bride-to-be! We understand that on this special occasion you want to look outstanding from top to toe. Do you prefer classic bridal gowns or some more extravagant outfits? Anyway, lingerie is an important part of your garment. Wrongly chosen underwear can greatly affect the overall look.

Wedding lingerie tips

There is a piece of advice from La Musa. We recommend you choose your lingerie after you buy your dress. You will see what kind of lingerie do you need and what kind of changes might be possible. While it should match perfectly with your wedding outfit, you also need your undergarment to be supportive, comfortable, and invisible under the cloth.
Classic, shaping, or seamless undergarment preferences closely depend on the type of your wedding dress. If the material of your gown is thick or the silhouette is voluminous, you have room for experiments. A wide range of options is available, and you can stop your choice on something that delights you the most. For ladies in slim-fitting dresses, it is better to choose lingerie that lies flat and smooth. Seamless sets in such cases work the best because you don’t worry about visible bra or panty lines. Shapewear goes well if a woman wants to highlight or sculpture her shapes.

La Musa intimate bridal apparel

At La Musa, you will find exquisite lingerie for such an exciting and thrilling event. We are pleased to present you our sets, in which you will feel comfortable and confident during the day and at the same time attractive at wedding night.
We are happy to help you create one of the most memorable outfits of your life. And we are nothing but sure that you will be irresistible.
Our wedding sets are also suitable for non-brides. The main thing is that you are inspired by the set, while its silhouette and color are to your liking.

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