French Exit Loungewear Set

French Exit Loungewear Set


Limited edition

Venus loungewear set

Venus Loungewear Set

Silk kiss loungewear set

Silk Kiss Loungewear Set

Loungewear satin Lipstik your musa shirt shorts la musa

Lipstick Loungewear Set


Almond Milk Loungewear Set

Black loungewear set / satin kimono nightgown sleepwear set / classic long robe pajama for women / night sleep shirt and pants for women

Black Loungewear Set

Pistacchio ice-cream loungewear set olive satin kimono with feathers

Pistachio Ice-Cream Loungewear Set


Women's Silk Nightgowns

Women’s nightgown, also known as negligee and chemise, is one of the most feminine sleepwear for ladies. However, interesting and alluring silhouettes were not always available to women. We are so happy to live in times when pretty nightdresses are widely available. Our interpretations of sleep gowns are created for women who dream to get comfort and a great look in one unique piece of clothes. Charming and relaxed, you will be irresistible. Below, you will find out about one of our favorite fabrics to create clothes.

Silk nightgowns as a separate art form

Silk nightgown has so many advantages. Firstly, it is breathable, so it protects you from overheating. Moreover, it tends to keep your skin hydrated. Secondly, silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It doesn’t cause any irritations and is especially good for women with sensitive skin. Silk is very soft and pleasant to touch as well. Thirdly, this fabric is very durable — a silk nightgown will become a part of your closet for a while!
Besides so many practical advantages, silk looks great too. This is truly one of the most luxurious fabrics ever existed. We could not pass by it and created nightwear that is hard not to fall in love with.
Silk nightgown from La Musa will become your favorite sleeping dress and loungewear as well! It sets a perfect mood from the moment you put it on in the evening and wake up in the morning. Evening and morning routine becomes far more pleasant when you are wearing beautiful clothes.

We spend a lot of time in our nighties, let’s make it an enjoyable, safe, and beautiful experience.

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