Emerald Silk Jumpsuit

465.00 280.00


Emerald Silk Jumpsuit - elegant jumpsuit with a waist deep decollete, decorated with golden chains to fix breast. Long sleeves are edging with delicate soft-pink satin.

This piece was inspired by Lars von Trier film "Melancholia". Deep green moss lightened by moon is represented by the base material. The silhouette conveys sophistication of Ophelia's look.

Unique sky tone of "Melancholia" is represented by sleeve and bottom trim. The sky was filled with longing and hope, mesmerizing with its beauty. The beauty and depth of the film inspired the designer to create the Emerald Silk Jumpsuit.

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  • Contains: Jumpsuit
  • Material: Satin
  • Colour: Emerald
  • Length: Long
  • Hardware: Chains


  • Collection: Fairyland
  • Line: Iconic