Graphic Butterfly Corset

460.00 390.00


This corset shows that when you can't find inspiration it's worth looking for it in something that often seemed scary, dangerous and ugly. The creator if this corset was looking through the window at bugs and butterflies, coming at the light. They captivated her by the complicated shape and the desire for the light. In search for new vision, she discovered the unique character of lines and the lightness of the silhouette of insects that never seemed to be beautiful creatures. You can find beauty and inspiration everywhere.

An exceptionally delicate satin corset with an original print, one of the most trending this year. The print was specially created for the new LA MUSA 2021 collection. The corset is able to reduce the waist and hips, creating the perfect hourglass silhouette that makes you more feminine.

This corset has shaping bones along the product, as well as chest bones that creates an hourglass silhouette.

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  • Contains: Underbust, Underwired Corset
  • Corset Type: With A Tightening At The Waist
  • Material: Satin
  • Lining: Satin
  • Hardware: Recycled Polyester, Stainless Hypoallergenic Steel
  • Colour: Almond
  • Print: Graphic Butterfly


  • Collection: Fairyland
  • Line: Art Line