Information for wholesalers, retailers and buyers

LA MUSA  is young brand of conceptual Lingerie and elegant Evening wear exclusively designed, made of luxurious materials and produced in the highest quality. We are also producing silk loungewear and swimwear.
La Musa team is always trying to make the best for our customers and retailers and wholesalers. We are taking care of each part of production. Quality of our products is important for us as our brand image and brand aesthetic. Our idea is to give a woman the chance to feel her inner art, to discover her inner Muse.
Comfort and quality of La Musa items is providing our customers inner harmony and mental comfort, that is integral part of our live. Moreover it is the most important component of our physical comfort and health.
Choosing quality loungewear you get a combination of absolute comfort and elegance in our beautiful product.
We are happy to inform that, we are open for wholesale orders for Lingerie, Loungewear, Swimwear categories. For Eveningwear items we are providing collaboration with showrooms and exclusive eveningwear stores, small wholesale is also posible. Our idea is to make every women to feel happy, satisfied, self-confident, by our production.

If you have similar idea and LA MUSA aesthetic is close to aestetic of your shop or multibrand store, let’s do it together!