Satin Mint Jacket

Mint Satin Jacket


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Emerald Silk Jumpsuit

Emerald Silk Jumpsuit

Chocolate dress / brown slip short bridesmaid classic dress / beige mini slip dress with flying cape / sexy french silhouette open back date

Chocolate Dress

Iced coffee set / silver satin elegant evening set / grey sexy eveningwear with pants with deep slits / open off-the-shoulder evening wear

Iced Coffee Set

French cream set / beige sexy eveningwear with pants with deep slits / brown satin cappuchino evening set / off-the-shoulder evening wear

French Cream Set

Black soul jumpsuit sheer sleeveless sexy bodysuit with belt

Black Soul Jumsuit


Designer Silk Camisole

If you ask yourself whether a camisole really can become one of the indispensable items of your capsule wardrobe, we say “yes” with certainty. However, not all of the camisoles are so versatile — some of them appropriate only as underwear. The range of options in our catalog varies from everyday silk tops to dressy ones. If you are curious why we make our camisoles of silk and what is special about it, read below.

Silk camisole by La Musa — one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe

As you shop for your new camisole, consider fabric above all. Silk is a perfect choice because it’s the crème de la crème of fabrics and feels divine against your skin. However, there are far more reasons why we recommend choosing silk cami.
Thanks to the temperature-regulating properties of silk, it keeps you cool when it is hot. Probably you know that it is a highly breathable fiber. Though, it works the opposite when the weather is cold. Silk warms you up because it is one of the most insulating natural fibers as well.
Moreover, silk is extremely thin and lightweight, that is why you can wear it under clothes without being bulky. So, a silk camisole is a wardrobe mainstay from season to season. Whether you’re wearing one on its own or layered beneath a sweater or casual blazer, the best silk camisoles can be worn in different ways, all of which are endlessly chic.
Plus, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for ladies with sensitive skin. Also, you wouldn’t be disappointed with its robustness. We made our camisoles only of high-quality silk, which is very durable.

If you are growing a practical and stylish wardrobe — our silk cami is the real thing.

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